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Mexico´s Social Development Ministry (SEDESOL for its acronym in Spanish) formulates and coordinates the Federal Government’s supportive and subsidiary social policy, oriented towards the common good, and executes it in a jointly responsible manner with society.


Social Development Policy:

A new generation social policy with a rights approach to overcoming the poverty conditions of the population is implemented in order to build an inclusive Mexico in which Mexicans enjoy a decent life and have the capabilities and satisfactions they need. This enables them to achieve their potential and fully incorporate themselves into the economic and social life of the country.

The federal government sees social development as the priority to build an inclusive Mexico, one of the biggest objectives of national planning. Likewise, social policy is identified as a new generation policy because it takes as its starting point the social and human rights contained in the Political Constitution. As established in the National Development Plan 2013-2018, it is a policy focused on achieving a society full of civil rights and joyful humans.

The new generation social policy aims to break down inertia and implement public policies that offer better results and remove those who suffer from poverty today, with the aim that the population can enjoy the basic satisfactions that foster development and equality of conditions in the personal, communal and productive domains, always acting within a legal framework that allows impartiality, transparency, accountability and evaluation of results.

To ensure access to food, education, social security, basic services, quality of housing and construction and strengthening of the social community, SEDESOL implements the following social programs at the national level:

Life Insurance for women heads of Household. Its purpose is to contribute to the expansion of the social security system, using an insurance scheme for female heads of households aged 12-68 who are in vulnerable condition.

Pension for Senior Adults. It serves adults over 65 years old to improve their physical and mental health. It has a national coverage.

Daycare Centers to help Working Mothers. Designed to support working mothers, job seekers, parents who are alone with their children, caregivers and caregivers of children with disabilities between 1 and 6 years of age.

Rural Supply Program, by DICONSA. Designed so that families living in marginal rural areas can buy products from the basic basket at a better price.

Program for the Social Milk Supply, by LICONSA. It allows the consumption of milk with high nutritional value at a low price.

Temporary Employment Program (PET). It contributes to the well-being of men and women who face a reduction in their income and to the population affected by emergencies through temporary economic support for their participation in family or community benefit projects.

Support Program of the Federal Facilities that Protect Women and Prevent Gender Violence (PAIMEF). To support the prevention and treatment of violence against women, through the support of projects presented by the Women's Instances in Federative Entities (IMEF), with the cooperation of the government and society involved in this matter. The Program is operated by the National Institute of Social Development.

Agricultural Worker’s Support Program (PAJA). Designed for agricultural workers and their families to improve their health and education, and to carry out health, education, shelter and other projects in the community.

3x1 Migrants Program. It supports the initiatives of Mexicans living abroad and gives them the opportunity to drive resources to Mexico in works of social impact that directly benefit their origin communities.

PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program. It has the objective of coordinating the institutional offer of social policy programs and actions, including those related to productive development, income generation, economic welfare, financial and labor inclusion, education, food and health, aimed at the population that is in situation of extreme poverty, under co-responsibility schemes (conditional cash transfer), seeking to eliminate the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts (FONART). It is a public trust of the Federal Government to support the artisans, in order to promote the artisan activity of the country and thus contribute to the generation of a greater family income of the artisans through their human, social and economic development.

Productive Options Program. It promotes the generation of productive projects, individual or social groups or organizations of producers and producers, teaching them technical and work skills in order to improve their economic condition.

Social Co-investment Program. It strengthens the social actors through the promotion of co-investment projects between the Government and these actors, with support along with civil society organizations, higher education institutions and research centers, who want to improve the living conditions of the population in a vulnerable situation. The Program is operated by the National Institute of Social Development. 

Vision of Social Protection:

Mexico is an inclusive, socially cohesive country with sustainable development, where strong and differentiated social protection policies allow people in the most vulnerable sectors to effectively exercise all their rights and develop on an equal footing in a personal, communal and productive environment.

Implementing Institution(s):

Social Development Ministry


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Social Development Ministry (SEDESOL, by its acronym in Spanish)



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