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The Challenges of Intersectoral Work – the CISALUD Experience in El Salvador

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 12:00 to 13:00

The challenges of intersectoral work – the CISALUD experience in El Salvador

In this Virtual Seminar we will present the experience of CISALUD inEl Salvador to develop an intersectoral space addressing the social determinants and health inequalities among specific population groups.

This initiative responds to a comprehensive understanding of health challenges, such as the Integral Plan to Fight Dengue.
The initiative have five strategic lines: implementation of the management system of the municipal, departmental, regional and national plans; social community and institutional communication actions; implementation of environmental control actions; strengthening of the clinical management of dengue; and, strengthening of epidemiological surveillance.

Additionally, the national health policy “Building Hope” considers the reorientation of all national health system towards primary health care based on intersectoral work.



Dr. Sofialeticia Morales, Coordinator of Health Promotion and Social Determinants, PAHO/WHO

CISALUD a space for intersectoral collaboration

Dr. Eduardo Espinoza Fiallos, Vice-Minister of Health Policies,El Salvador

National Forum on Health a space for active social participation

Lic. Margarita Posada


Dr. Blanca Patricia Mantilla, Director of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre of PROINAPSA,Colombia

Dr. Juan J. Luís Uría Serrano, member of OSALDE, NGO for Public Health of the Vasco Government


Closing Remarks


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