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IASPD 7 - "Challenges of Social Protection in urban areas"

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 10:30

In the framework of the Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN) OAS in conjunction with the Department of Employment and Social Protection of the World Bank is organizing the virtual seminar "Challenges of Social Protection in urban areas."

The design and implementation of social protection programs aimed at population living in extreme poverty, such as conditional cash transfers are typically implemented in rural areas. Such programs have shown significant results in alleviating poverty, increasing school enrollment and providing health care for children and pregnant women. These achievements, however, have not been replicated in urban fringe areas where food price crisis and fuel had a higher incidence.

This session will discuss some lessons in the implementation of social protection programs in urban areas, and recent experiences of vulnerable population with youth at risk.

Some of the guiding questions for this event are:

  1. What are the main objectives of social protection policies in urban areas?
  2. What have been the lessons of the interventions in urban areas?
  3. As for trends in the region, has there been progress in response to the challenges? What are the most prominent examples?
  4. What other criteria should be considered in contrast to rural interventions?



The Webinar will have a duration of 75 minutes and it will be moderated by the IASPN Secretariat in spanish.

  • Panelist: Edmundo Murrungara, Senior Economist, World Bank
  • Commentator: TBD
  • Moderator: Alexandra Barrantes (OAS-IASPN)
Organizer :
  • Department of Social Protection and Labor of the World Bank