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A space to share comments and relevant resources for the IASPN Community. Here you will find a wide range of resources varying from op-eds, to information about academic research to videos on social protection. If you are interested in sharing a resource through this blog, contact us at socialprotection@oas.org

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POSTED BY Rasec Niembro Urista ON Oct 12,2016 | COMMENTS (43)
Author: David Bacon Article published originally in New Politics Magazine. http://newpol.org/   We need an immigration policy based on human, civil, and labor rights, which looks at the reasons why people come to the United...
POSTED BY Rasec Niembro Urista ON Sep 28,2016 | COMMENTS (16)
Author: Rasec Niembro Short Abstract The low professionalism of the judiciary is one of the hidden structural causes of extreme poverty in many regions, particularly in Latin America. Innovative mechanisms, like progress...
POSTED BY mairacolacce ON Oct 12,2012 | COMMENTS (4)
Ec. Maira Colacce – Ministry of Social Development – Uruguay The document "Towards a solidarity care model", approved by the Uruguayan Social Cabinet last September 20th, defines care as "a social function that involves both...