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The importance of tags in the IAPSN Knowledge and Learning Portal

When we started the design and development of the IASPN Knowledge and Learning Portal we always had in mind the needs of social protection practitioners in the Americas, specifically the demand for easy access to the various resources on the topic that are being published in the region. Therefore, we dedicated much of our efforts to building a resources library that was user-friendly. This resulted in a collection of documents, links, videos, photos, etc. that is constantly growing thanks to the valuable contributions of our members.

The IASPN Portal Library is dynamic (all members can create all types of resources, which will be automatically published) and offers numerous options to search and easily find what we are looking for. However, searches will be more effective insofar as we adequately use tags when adding resources to the library. A resource that is not tagged will have less chances of being found within hundreds of resources already available on the Portal.

These are the tags we should try to use:

• Country: assigns a country or sub-region related to the resource.
• Sector: assigns general topics related to social protection (i.e. international cooperation, labor and employment, health, education, etc.)
• Topics: assigns specific themes to the resource (i.e. intersectoral coordination, financial inclusion, conditional cash transfer programs, monitoring and evaluation, etc.)
• Keywords: we can include keywords that are not found under sector or topics but are relevant to describe the resource. These should be separated by commas.

It is worth noting that we can add more than one tag in each one of the fields above.

Other important tags are Knowledge Type (event, good practices, communication, etc.) and Type of Resource (draft, interview, report, etc.) which will be useful for members who are specifically looking for these types of social protection resources.

Tags also feed directly into a collection of resources by theme across the site "Topics". There we can find numerous resources under the following categories: 

In sum, tags play a very important role within the Portal structure. Thus we recommend they be used everytime a resource is added to the virtual library.

Your feedback is very important. We invite you to try the search engine and other Portal features, and to submit your comments via e-mail at socialprotection@oas.org


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