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News - week of September 17th

Dear IASPN Portal Members,

This week we want to share the next activity the IASPN is organizing together with the Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC in Spanish) and the Department for Social Prosperity (DPS.) The third edition of the Workshop on Social Policy and International Cooperation: The Challenge for Social Development Ministries and the Inter-American Social Protection Network will take place between October 31st and November 2nd, 2012 in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Delegates from the Ministries of Social Development or related agencies in charge of international cooperation and technical experts on social protection programs of particular importance for participating delegations will attend the workshop. The objective will be to provide a space for dialogue and exchange of good practices and successful experiences in social protection and promotion among countries in the region. This space is aimed at facilitating the concretion of technical exchange and knowledge transfer initiatives that contribute to the strengthening of social public policies in Latin America. To this end, we have borrowed inspiration from the “business matchmaking forum” methodology in which social protection programs suppliers will have a chance to explore possible cooperation actions with potential “buyers”  from other Ministries of Social Development in the region. In October we will provide further details about this activity.

On a different note, and as more members subscribe to our Portal, we reaffirm our intention to get to know your interests in social protection. We want you to tell us via this poll what topics are of particular importance to you as a social protection practitioner and your institution. Based on these answers, we will look for suitable ways to fulfill the demand through our Portal.

Finally, we invite you to periodically check our Member pages for updates on individuals, countries and partners and their social protection activities and programs. These profiles offer valuable information, which could be the starting point for future exchange and outreach experiences.