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Project Status: APP. Country: Mexico. Project Number: ME-T1337. Approval date: Jul 11, 2017

Argentina to expand early education coverage with IDB loan of $ 200 million benefiting 70,000 children aged 0 to 5.

Project Status: APP. Country: Panama. Project Number: PN-T1170. Approval date: Aug 31, 2017

Project Status: APP. Country: Mexico. Project Number: ME-T1335. Approval date: Jul 11, 2017

Project Status: APP. Country: Regional. Project Number: RG-T3042. Approval date: Jul 21, 2017

Location: Farallones Conference room, Intercontinental Hotel, Cali, Colombia. Time: 18:45-21:00En sus marcas, listos...inclusión¨ is a regional project that will use the Paralympic sport as a tool to contribute to a more inclusive...

Honduras will improve the efficiency of public spending in the health care system with the help of a loan from the IDB.

Multilateral Development Banks meet in Washington DC to discuss public and private financing for inclusive and sustainable infrastructure

Understand the causes and solutions, including the best ways to stop offenders, help victims get free, and assist children who are witnessing abuse.Speaker: Lundy Bancroft

Project Status: APP. Country: El Salvador. Project Number: ES-T1273. Approval date: Jun 13, 2017

IDB to provide monetary grants to 10 development initiatives for Latin American and Caribbean communities in the Washington, D.C.

IDB and The Atlantic Council report looks at six future scenarios for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030.

IDB approved a loan of US$8 million for the reduction of maternal, perinatal and neonatal deaths in Guyana.

The middle class now numbers 186 million people, but high levels of inequality prevail and children have fared worst.

IDB supports program to reduce deaths caused by non-communicable chronic diseases in Argentina.