Exchanging Experiences, Expanding Opportunities

OAS organizes Third Workshop on Social Policy and International Cooperation



The Organization of American States (OAS,) through the Inter-American Social Protection Network, and the Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC – Colombia in Spanish) inaugurated the third edition of the “Workshop on Social Policy and International Cooperation: Challenge for Ministries of Social Development and the Inter-American Social Protection Network,” in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Thirteen countries and more than 50 representatives from Ministries of Social Development from Latin America, five sub-regional cooperation mechanisms and various Colombian agencies are taking part in the Workshop. The activity aims to provide a space for dialogue and exchange of 34 good practices and successful experiences on social protection and promotion among countries in the region. It also seeks to facilitate technical exchange initiatives and knowledge transfer in order to contribute to the strengthening of social policies in Latin America.

Opening remarks were provided by Mrs. Sandra Bessudo, Director General, Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC – Colombia,) Mrs. Catalina Martinez Guzman, Director of Special Programs, Department of Social Prosperity (DPS in Spanish,) Mr. Samuel Azout, Director General, National Extreme Poverty Overcoming Agency (ANSPE in Spanish,) Mr. Juan Sebastian Estrada, Chief of Cooperation, Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF in Spanish,) and Mrs. Alexandra Barrantes, Social Protection Specialist of the Organization of American States.

Mrs. Bessudo highlighted that the Government of Colombia is fully confident that by promoting South-South Cooperation initiatives as valuable as this Workshop on Social Policy Cooperation, it is contributing to the social and economic development of countries in the Americas, and helping to improve quality living standards in the continent.

For further information, visit the event’s website on the IASPN Knowledge Portal (available only in Spanish)