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World Bank, Brazil Hosts Global Meeting on SP and Launches World without Poverty Knowledge Initiative

From: World Without Poverty

RIO DE JANEIRO, March, 2014 – Over 200 senior policy makers, including 23 ministers and cabinet-level officials, from 70 developing countries, met to learn from each other’s experiences and from World Bank experts, how to develop well-designed  and efficient social protection systems.

A joint initiative was also launched today to capture Brazil’s important innovations in social protection and labor programs aimed to eliminate extreme poverty, and to share the lessons with the rest of the world.

The South-South Learning Forum

The South-South Learning Forum on Social Protection and Labor –co-hosted by   the Federal Government of Brazil, the State and Municipal Governments of Rio de Janeiro, German Development Cooperation, the Rapid Social Response Fund and the World Bank — provides a platform for policy makers to share their experience to improve the design and delivery of social protection and labor systems at the policy, program and service delivery levels.

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