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Call for Presentations on Experiences of Countries on Social Development Policies for the Third REMDES

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May, 2016

Call for presentations on Social Development Policy experiences of countries in the Americas for III REMDES

Ministers and High Authorities of Social Development of the Americas will gather in Asuncion, Paraguay, on  July 13 and 14, 2016, for the Third Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Social Development within the Framework of CIDI-OAS, an opportunity to reflect and discuss the theme “Equity and Social Inclusion: Overcoming inequalities for more inclusive societies.”

The specific goals of the Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Social Development are:

To analyze the current situation with poverty and vulnerability in the Americas, emphasizing mechanisms for closing the gaps that exist.

To review the cost of inequality for the countries of the Americas and the evolution of social investment and its implications.

To identify successful experiences with systems or networks for social protection and economic inclusion in the countries of the Americas, and to promote exchanges of those experiences through the Inter-American Social Protection Network.

To install a mechanism to follow up on the implementation of the Plan of Action of the Social Charter of the Americas.

To analyze the region’s contributions toward the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


The agenda of the meeting provides for plenary sessions in which an expert will present his paper and a participating country their experience on the topic.

To do so, countries are called upon to present their experiences in the following order:

  • Second Plenary Session: Reducing poverty and vulnerability as a means to social inclusion.

Country 1: Poverty reduction programs

Country 2: Multidimensional poverty measures


  • Third Plenary Session: Inequality: costs and social debt.

Country 3: Progressive fiscal Policies to reduce inequality.


  • Fourth Plenary Session: Social development policy innovations.

Country 4: Innovative experiences of social development policy.

Country 5: Innovative experiences of social development policy.


Content and time

Presentation on policy experiences should include the following items:

  • Country
  • Name and e-mail address of the presenter
  • Policy, plan, program or project to be presented.
    • Objectives
    • Main characteristics of the experience and processes performed
    • Results obtained
    • Synthetic description successful outcomes
    • Open questions and challenges


The time limit for the presentation is 15 minutes. Countries accepted to present must submit the final version of the presentation in PowerPoint format before June 15th.

In addition, audiovisual may be utilized in the presentation, following the outlined technical specifications below in the case of videos:

Maximum time: 2 minutes

Format: Full HD 1920x1080 MP4 Code H264

The structure of the presentation must encourage and enrich the ministerial dialogue in the plenary sessions.


Deadline and application

Countries may confirm their submission by June 15th, 2016. The order of application will be taken into account in assigning the topics.

The application form can be filled in:




For more information contact Reveca Chavez, official of the General Directorate of SAS Social Policies, at rchavez@sas.gov.py or 59521 675237.

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