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Chile Democracy Audit Report

File Created On:
July, 2014

Source: UNDP

The Democracy Audit report in Chile delivers a diagnostic that presents contrasting empirical evidence about norms and behaviors about the perceptions of its citizens, which generates reflection points about the current state of democracy and what aspects of democracy need improvement so that the nation can reach a goal of a more inclusive government.

In general terms, this report states that the success that Chile has experienced since the end of the dictatorship has been substantial. After reinstating democracy, the nation has shown stability, institutionality, good indicators of governability as well as significant advances toward better human development which has led to better living conditions for Chileans and to international recognition as a country that has been able to install a stable democracy.

However, the type of democracy that has been built in the last few decades has found some limitations which impede the advancement in perfecting the democracy and its capacity to promote effective equality, meaning, the egalitarian practice of human rights which include are more than their judicial rights but should also honor the citizen’s needs.

Document only available in Spanish.