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Inter-sectoral Coordination, Social Protection and Human Rights: A virtuous circle

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March, 2016

Social protection has become an ever more important policy discussion in the social development agenda. Significant advances have been made in the social protection field in the Americas and normative and institutional frameworks have been established within the countries to further strengthen social protection policies.

Nevertheless, challenges still remain in developing and consolidating integrated and universal social protection systems in the region. In particular, some challenges that still need to be stressed are the existence of fragmented visions and the lack of comprehensive, coherent and coordinated policies, as well as a silo approach to social protection that fails to integrate different sectors and agencies.

Hence, it is considered that a rights-based approach (RBA) provides a conceptual as well as the necessary legal framework for working towards more integrated and universal social protection systems. This works in both directions, because more integrated and less fragmented social protection programmes and policies will pave the way for a RBA to social protection, guaranteeing universal systems.

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