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Ongoing evaluation: IMF and Social protection

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April, 2016

The drafts issues paper, published by the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), explains the ongoing evaluation of the IEO on how social protection is addressed in IMF's main businesses. The paper is published so that interested parties can provide comments or suggestions regarding the evaluation.

Although not an explicit mandate, IMF has been giving more attention to social protection issues using the organization's own expertise, especially in terms of surveillance, lending and capacity development in order to remedy adverse impacts while pursuing their goal of ensuring fiscal sustainability.

IEO's evaluation on IMF's work on social protection will be based on four themes: the Fund's role in social protection; Fund collaboration with other multilateral agencies; scope, relevance and technical quality of the Fund's policy advice on social protection; and effectiveness of fund interventions in social protection."

Read complete draft issues paper here: http://www.ieo-imf.org/ieo/files/whatsnew/The%20IMF%20and%20Social%20Pro...

Information on ongoing evaluations: http://www.ieo-imf.org/ieo/pages/Ongoing.aspx#266