Exchanging Experiences, Expanding Opportunities

Policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and engaging

File Created On:
September, 2014

Source: OECD

The OECD’s strategic advantage in the international environment lies in its robust and long-term knowledge and policy dialogues that support reform agendas in member countries. This multi-disciplinary knowledge-building approach is of increasing interest to non-members seeking advice and dialogue on good practice and avoiding failure.

Policy dialogues today need to be inclusive, based on a commitment to joint learning, and adapted to country or regional and local situations.

Mainstreaming development has been a key feature of the OECD’s horizontal approach since the launch of the Strategy on Development in 2012. The Strategy’s pillars are policy coherence for development and knowledge sharing, supported by the strong involvement of OECD committees and member countries.

With its large body of knowledge and long-term experience of policy reforms and open dialogues, the OECD is well positioned for a new era of international co-operation in the context of the post-2015 universal approach to development.