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Poverty and the Third Sector of Social Action

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June, 2016

"Two things must be the objective of the Third Sector of Social Action in defense of social rights: to recognize that the Spanish society needs subjective social rights that can be claimed before the court, and to revise the current economic model, based on the discourse of the economy for the common good.

The uncertain political, economic and social situations we live in today, characterized by rising poverty levels, social exclusion and inequality, put us in a scenario of both challenges and opportunities. Above all, we must make it clear that social entities belonging to the Third Sector of Social Action concentrate all efforts by demonstrating consistency, commitment, transparency and ethical behavior related to our missions and visions, which are the center our existence and action for people and their family, society and community."

Read more (only available in Spanish): http://www.aigob.org/pobreza-y-tercer-sector-de-accion-social/

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