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Poverty map helps Ecuador earthquake victims

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June, 2016

After an earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16 that resulted in more than five hundred people dead and 30,000 homeless, with the destruction of more than 1,000 buildings, including 280 schools, the assessment of the damage and allocation of the country's resources to the affected areas has followed in various ways.

Amongst several tools used to help identify the most vulnerable areas, the poverty map of Ecuador has been newly released.

What is a poverty map? It is an estimate of the percentage of the poor in a geographically disaggregated total population. In the case of Ecuador, the smallest political geographic area is called parishes, and can be urban or rural. Cantons and provinces are also geographic units. A poverty map estimates the number of people living below the moderate poverty line and extreme poverty in parishes, counties and provinces. Poverty maps are usually used so that social programs, in their early stages, reach the poorest in demarcated geographical areas.

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