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Publication: Coordination of Social Policies, challenges for public management

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May, 2016

"What protection and for which society? It is not easy to give a clear answer to the question - the perspective of the social protection model analysis that is emerging is not neutral, and is based on normative precepts whose on principles of social justice. Latin America faces old and new challenges in establishing a truly necessary and appropriate social protection system for the whole population and it seems that they are at a turning point."

The publication, structured in two parts, discusses key issues of social protection in Latin America and Europe. The first part, "Paths of social protection in two continents: the integrated approach, Latin American challenges and European welfare issues in times of crisis," focuses on social protection in both regions with the analysis of deficits of protection and vulnerabilities in the Latin American continent and analysis of designs and instruments of social protection policies in the two continents. The second part, "Instruments and mechanisms for coordination: policy, planning and budget as strategic factors," focuses on factors and instruments that promote coordination by analyzing the political economy of coordination strategies and developing the perspective of joint policies in diverse ways with solid case studies.

Read publication: http://sia.eurosocial-ii.eu/files/docs/1453800699-estudio_18.pdf

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