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Publication: Social Protection Perspectives and Productive Inclusion: Central America and the Dominican Republic in the Framework of the Tendency in Latin America

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May, 2016

In recent decades, social policies in Latin America has expanded and diversified its service in social protection - especially in non-contributory systems and policies and the development of political and technical instruments have enabled them to better articulate the demands of the population. Nonetheless, there remain significant challenges related to the coverage, quality and financing of such systems and policies of social protection. Given the dynamics of the labor market in Central America and the Dominican Republic, as in other countries in the region, social security coverage levels are still low.

This publication discusses the challenges of social protection and other key issues through statistical data analysis, as well as experiences and proposals relevant to the decision making and improvement of public policies. In particular, it provides valuable proposals on how to improve coordination of social policy and how the introduction of innovation-oriented evaluation systems of social intervention can contribute to greater effectiveness and sustainability of social protection.

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