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The social protection floor index: A tool to help us keep, and finance, a promise

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August, 2016

The ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation No. 202, unanimously adopted by 184 members of the International Labour Conference in 2012, provided for the first time concrete content to the abstract right to social security.

It was accepted that people cannot be productive and make productive and  meaningful contributions to societal and economic development if they are neither  healthy,  nor well nourished, nor educated nor have a minimum of income security and have to fight for their bare survival doing menial and exploitative jobs each day of their generally too short lives.   Neither can economic and social crises be managed without solid social transfers to the most affected population groups.

However, some country need international solidarity, should the community of nations wish to keep its promise. Twelve African countries would require an additional allocation of more than 10 per cent of their GDP.  This is a clear call for the international community to support the establishment and maintenance of national SPFs in the respective countries and to contribute to the realization of the right to social security.

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