Exchanging Experiences, Expanding Opportunities

South-South Cooperation and Decent Work: Good Practices

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September, 2013

Source: ILO

In March 2012, the Governing Body (GB) of the ILO adopted a South-South and triangular cooperation Strategy entitled “South–South and triangular cooperation: The way forward”, reaffirming that South-South and triangular cooperation is paramount to the mainstreaming of the DWA.2 Performance indicators for the strategy were adopted by the GB in November 2012. In addition, the Programme and Budget (P&B) proposals for 2014–15 acknowledge the growing importance of emerging and developing countries on the global stage. They also mention the need to integrate valuable lessons from experience and evaluation findings. Regarding extra-budgetary resource estimates by region, it stresses that South-South and triangular cooperation will continue to feature prominently in the ILO’s technical cooperation strategy and will provide an important mechanism to leverage resources and expertise, in particular by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and experience relevant to the world of work between emerging and developing countries.

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