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Successful Social Protection Floor Experiences

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November, 2015

There is strong evidence that social protection contributes to sustainable and resilient economic growth by raising labour productivity and enhancing social cohesion. During the recent economic crisis, social protection policies in many countries have helped to stabilize the aggregate demand and to boost the economic recovery by generating income and jobs.

This book presents 18 case studies on social protection floor policies from 15 countries of the global South. It is the first to bring together examples of good social protection floor practices for South-South learning.

Access to health services, education, food, water, housing, sanitation and information as well as enjoyment of a basic level of income security are human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Social protection is an important factor in enabling people to exercise these rights. The social protection floor approach combines all these social services and income transfer programmes in a coherent and consistent way, preventing people from falling into poverty and empowering those who are poor to escape the poverty trap and find decent jobs. In the absence of social protection, people are subjected to increased risks of sinking below the poverty line or remaining caught in poverty.

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