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After contracting for two consecutive years, the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to return to positive growth in 2017, but significant external and internal headwinds will persist, according to the United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2017 Report rel

A reduction in the wage premium for skilled labor –and a consistent reduction of overall wage inequality-has played an important role in explaining the fall of income inequality in Latin America during the 2000-2014 period.

The market environment in which discriminatory firms operate may be a relevant determinant of their extent of discrimination. In this paper we aim at analysing the effect of local labour market conditions on a firm’s decision to discriminate.

The 10-year anniversary edition of Pensions at a Glance highlights the pension reforms undertaken by OECD and G20 countries over the last two years.

This report highlights some findings in relation to employment, poverty and gender using data from the St Lucia Survey of Living Conditions. 

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In Latin America, the dynamics of the labor market has been key in reducing poverty. There has been significant progress in its social protection system, but significant inequality persist for women and young people.

Although unemployment rate has decreased in some developed economies, the new ILO analysis - World Employment and Social Outlook - shows that the global job crisis is yet to be resolved, especially in emerging economies.

According to the World Bank's recently published report, Out of School and Out of Work: Risk and Opportunities for Latin America's Ninis, a rising number of youth in the region are neither working nor studying despite the economic growth that the region has experienced.

While gender inequality in El Salvador has continued for many years, the country is looking to include women in its pension system through reform.


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