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In line with developments observed in several Latin American countries, inequalities in Brazil have significantly declined since the Workers’ Party, PT, came to power in 2003.

The G20's GPFI invites public comments on the White Paper,

How do we identify the institutions, individuals, and ideas that will lead the next era of progress toward human dignity for all?

Addressing global inequality

The world has seen a dramatic rise in inequalities of income and wealth over the last three decades, making extreme economic inequality one of the defining issues of our time.

The IPA Report presents examples of evidence impacting local policy decisions, significant attention in both the mainstream U.S. media and local outlets in developing countries, and important results from studies in every major program area.

Full Report:

Targeting social programs can improve effectiveness of poverty alleviation policies. Allocating benefits to the poor and vulnerable can help reduce chronic poverty, ensure uninterrupted access to social services, and address social exclusion and disparities.

A note of caution to policymakers: make sure the policies you enact to reduce inequality do not end up raising poverty. That’s what Nora Lustig found in her studies of developing countries – mainly in Latin America.

LAST MONTH THE World Bank published new global poverty estimates. They confirm that the last 25 years represent an auspicious moment in the annals of human progress. A target to cut the rate of extreme poverty in half over this period was achieved seven years ahead of schedule.

Inequality, which at its most extreme leads to social exclusion, has been the target of a special focus by the Organization of the American States. Addressing this issue encompasses all the key pillars of our work: integral development, democracy, human rights and public security.


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