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A new ILO report calls for a combination of incentives and compliance to reduce high levels of informality in domestic work.

Many countries in Asia and the Pacific are spending too little on social protection programmes and should expand these to provide adequate cover to most of their populations, the Asian Development Bank has said.

The ‘crisis of care’ is currently a major topic of public debate. Often linked to ideas of ‘time poverty’, ‘family-work balance’, and ‘social depletion’, it refers to the

Bolsa Família is often promoted as a model of good practice for social protection programmes in the developing world.

The quality of the mechanism used to deliver payments to beneficiaries in a Social Protection (SP) program has a direct bearing on program’s success or failure.

An Social Protection Floor consists of four nationally defined basic social security guarantees that members should establish by law, and—in accordance with their existing international obligations—provide to all residents and children.

The ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation No. 202, unanimously adopted by 184 members of the International Labour Conference in 2012, provided for the first time concrete content to the abstract right to social security.

During much of Latin America’s history, large sectors of the population have been completely left out of any form of social protection by the State, be they urban informal workers, rural populations, afro-descendants or indigenous communities.

Worldwide, the prevalence of disability tends to be higher within indigenous communities than among non-indigenous groups.


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