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This video explains how the graduation program has been working in Colombia. Known as the Producing for My Future, the program seeks new ways of helping them socially included, targeting the "ultra-poor" tier of the population.

The ODI has been carrying out a project that investigates the relationship between taxation and social protection. Does taxation necessarily alleviate poverty and/or inequality? Can it, despite good intentions, exacerbate inequality?

This blog article highlights two of ECLAC's publication on the social protection systems in Latin America: Towards universal social protection: "Latin American pathways and policy tools" published in November 2015 and "Social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbe

The Social Protection Outlook published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) introduces various publications, news from around the world, work carried out by ILO and other information on social protection issues.

Following the Social Protection Floors (SPFs) Recommendation No.202 adopted in 2012 establishing SPFs as a core element of social security, the Social Protection Floor Index (SPFI) has been developed.

"Graduation programmes have enjoyed a surge in policy and academic attention in the past few years, yet despite some evidence of success in terms of ‘graduating’ individuals out of extreme poverty, not all the attention has been positive."

This working paper focuses on the barriers that women, especially those who are in the informal economy, face in the area of social protection. Part of a series of different literature on the same topic, it provides us with the insight into the coverage of social protection schemes of women.

Despite abundant evidence of its negative human rights impacts, and growing consensus that it is counterproductive in economic terms as well, austerity’s onward march has continued in many countries.

How are social protection and agriculture related, and why do they have an important relation?


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