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"Graduation programmes have enjoyed a surge in policy and academic attention in the past few years, yet despite some evidence of success in terms of ‘graduating’ individuals out of extreme poverty, not all the attention has been positive."

This working paper focuses on the barriers that women, especially those who are in the informal economy, face in the area of social protection. Part of a series of different literature on the same topic, it provides us with the insight into the coverage of social protection schemes of women.

Despite abundant evidence of its negative human rights impacts, and growing consensus that it is counterproductive in economic terms as well, austerity’s onward march has continued in many countries.

How are social protection and agriculture related, and why do they have an important relation?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this research with a member of the team, please contact Jenny Congrave at jenny.congrave@opml.co.uk

The ODI newsletter on social protection features this year's publications, especially focusing on the analysis of social protection schemes and the inclusion of women, the informal market and internal migrants.

Is it necessary for countries to economically grow first, in order to build a stable social security system, or should one not necessarily be prioritized over another?

"What protection and for which society? It is not easy to give a clear answer to the question - the perspective of the social protection model analysis that is emerging is not neutral, and is based on normative precepts whose on principles of social justice.

In recent decades, social policies in Latin America has expanded and diversified its service in social protection - especially in non-contributory systems and policies and the development of political and technical instruments have enabled them to better articulate the demands of the population.

To understand trends in poverty and the effectiveness of anti-poverty programs, you must look beyond the official poverty statistics.


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