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Social protection has become an ever more important policy discussion in the social development agenda.

Gender inequality is not a new topic in financial inclusion - in fact, there have been numerous programs and policies directed specifically towards women.

This study addresses the ageing of the Caribbean population and the situation with respect to the human rights of older persons. It considers the implications for public policy of these ‘twin imperatives for action’.

A Review of Social Protection in Latin America, published by the Center Institute of Development Studies (IDS), is a study that aims to analyze the trends of social protection in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Despite the good intentions that social protection programmes may have, research finds that social protection programmes may aggravate the problem of gender inequality and perpetuate poverty.

Webinar ->Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

The Webinar will explore the content of the book, “Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools”, published by ECLAC. The book details and debates ECLAC’s view on social protection, discussing the policy tools and programmes pursued in Latin America, using a rights-based approach. It also addresses the expanding social protection coverage in the region, with a view of achieving universal coverage.

11 - 11.30am – Presenter: Simone Cecchini
(Social Affairs Officer, Social Development Division, ECLAC)

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00

This paper reviews the major conceptual frameworks and analytical frameworks for applying social protection in rural and agricultural contexts, proposes a synthesised ‘consolidated’ framework, and reviews the evidence base on the impacts of social protection on agricultural production and rural p

What responsibilities exist at the regional level to provide rights-based social protection?

How can governments fulfill their obligation to provide social protection and respect the rights of all?

How does a rights-based approach support civil society organizations in their advocacy for universal access to social protection?


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