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There is a growing international focus on social protection in the developing world while at the same time, countries in the developed world are cutting back on social security in pursuit of ‘austerity’.

This book reflects on the public policies, programmes and regulatory frameworks that are taking a rights-based approach to expanding social protection coverage and benefits in Latin America, with a view to achieving universal coverage.

This profile map helps you to identify countries with similar profiles at just one glance. Each country is represented by four segments, each corresponding to a Global AgeWatch Index domain. The overall Global AgeWatch Index value is shown under each country's name.

Extending social protection to the rural population in lower-income countries is a global priority, with both workfare and welfare playing significant roles.

Evidence suggests that social protection is likely to experience further expansion in the future, becoming a response to income inequality and social inequities as well as to poverty and vulnerability.

In the last decades the transformation experiencedby the Chilean population has seen an acceleration.

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, has launched a permanent Spanish-language site entirely devoted to the pressing issue of global poverty and economic inequality primarily centered on how it affects the Latin American region.

National case studies on social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean reveal that over the past 10 years social protection systems and, in general, social policies in the region have been transformed.

The significant contributions which bilateral and multilateral agreements have made to efforts designed to improve migrant-worker social security and pension rights are indisputable.

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