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According to our latest graduation data collection exercise graduation programming is growing fast with close to 60 graduation programs now implemented in nearly 40 countries a

oor people in developing countries are rightfully concerned about whether their families are safe, sheltered and adequately nourished. Where does privacy fit into that mix? In many parts of the world, by constitution, statute or treaty, privacy is considered a human right.

On this presentation you will understand the impact of the Graduation Approach, its interdisciplinary methodology and some case studies.

The Graduation Leadership Summit and Global Learning Event held in Washington D.C.

The G20's GPFI invites public comments on the White Paper,

CGAP, Ford Foundation, IPA, and J-PAL hosted a half-day event unveiling recently released results from the rigorous Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Impact Assessments conducted across six coun

In August 2006, 309 out of 1,100 municipalities in Colombia did not have the presence of a bank.

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