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Comprehensive Social Protection Systems

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Cada vez son más reconocidos en el mundo, dentro de las esferas de la asistencia humanitaria y
de desarrollo, los potenciales vínculos que existen entre la protección social, la gestión de riesgos

En esta oportunidad se presentan dos casos de estudio que son parte de la investigación realizada por Oxford Policy Management (OPM) y el Programa Mundial de Alimentos (PMA) con foco en América Latina y el Caribe.

There is an increasing global recognition within governments and partners on the potential linkages
between social protection and disaster risk management (DRM) in responding to and mitigating

According to our latest graduation data collection exercise graduation programming is growing fast with close to 60 graduation programs now implemented in nearly 40 countries a

Latin America and Caribbean register middle class growth. Child poverty and inequality problems persist

The quality of the mechanism used to deliver payments to beneficiaries in a Social Protection (SP) program has a direct bearing on program’s success or failure.

An Social Protection Floor consists of four nationally defined basic social security guarantees that members should establish by law, and—in accordance with their existing international obligations—provide to all residents and children.

The ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation No. 202, unanimously adopted by 184 members of the International Labour Conference in 2012, provided for the first time concrete content to the abstract right to social security.

During much of Latin America’s history, large sectors of the population have been completely left out of any form of social protection by the State, be they urban informal workers, rural populations, afro-descendants or indigenous communities.

Worldwide, the prevalence of disability tends to be higher within indigenous communities than among non-indigenous groups.


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