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This blog article highlights two of ECLAC's publication on the social protection systems in Latin America: Towards universal social protection: "Latin American pathways and policy tools" published in November 2015 and "Social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbe

"Two things must be the objective of the Third Sector of Social Action in defense of social rights: to recognize that the Spanish society needs subjective social rights that can be claimed before the court, and to revise the current economic model, based on the discourse of the economy for t

Despite abundant evidence of its negative human rights impacts, and growing consensus that it is counterproductive in economic terms as well, austerity’s onward march has continued in many countries.

The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) Newsletter, which covers various topics from austerity in the Americas to inequality and injustice springing in different areas, highlights the deepening inequality and related concerns for human rights issues.

Social protection has become an ever more important policy discussion in the social development agenda.

This study addresses the ageing of the Caribbean population and the situation with respect to the human rights of older persons. It considers the implications for public policy of these ‘twin imperatives for action’.

Playlist from the Human Rights Council Side Event, Overcoming Exclusion and Promoting Rights: Challenges and Opportunities in Social Protection available here:


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